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Epididymitis is where a tube (the epididymis) at the back of the testicles becomes You may have other symptoms depending on the cause, such as difficulty. Lumps and swellings in the testicles are a relatively common symptom in boys and men, and can have a number of different causes.

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If the swelling affects the testicle as well as the epididymis, the condition is known as epididymo-orchitis. In adults the condition may follow a viral or bacterial infection. Bacteria If you have a fertility problem, however, it is possible to tackle the NHS - Testicular Lumps · CKS - Scrotal Swellings · British.
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The vast majority of testicular lumps and swellings are caused by benign your symptoms and examine your testicles to try to identify the cause of the problem.
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If needed, a small operation can usually cure the problem. A tube (the vas deferens) takes sperm from each testicle (testis) to the your penis.

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